Tips on Finding a Good Wedding Band

A wedding ceremony is neither complete nor enjoyable without music wedding entertainment. An excellent band will make your wedding fun and keep the guests entertained to the last minute of the day. Below are some tips you should put into considerations when looking for a wedding band.

Reception Venue

The venue is a key determinant for the band you intend to have for the wedding day since without a venue you cannot have a wedding band. Upon choosing the reception location, you can consult on wedding bands and let them know how big or small the venue is and accessibility of the location. Also, you may highlight the venue’s restrictions such as sound limiters demanded by some of the ground hirers.

Develop a Shortlist of Bands.

To come up with a perfect wedding band, write down the various bands you know and find out the kind of music they love to play. Depending on the genre of music you plan to have for the big day, pinpoint a band that is closely related to the choice of your music. Mostly you will find different bands performing to a specific genre of music while others can perform a variety of genres. You will find some of the band with a list of songs they perform on similar occasions. With a few samples of the songs, you are able to determine if their music choice is right for the guests.

Price Negotiation

After finding the ideal band for the wedding, sit and discuss the price they are going to charge. More than often, a good band will cost you more and at the same time, they offer room for negotiation. Some venue comes with a package of band entertainment. This translates to reduced band entertainment fees since there is no logistics movement of the wedding band.


To ascertain on their performance, have a session with the band and listen to their performance. Alternatively, request them for their performance schedule and attend to one of their events. That way you are able to evaluate their performance standards before giving them the go ahead.

Off-Peak Reductions

Plan for your wedding on the edge season of wedding ceremonies. This works out perfectly for you since finding a wedding band is not as difficult as during the wedding season when the majority of the bands are usually fully booked for several events.

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