• Maintenance

    Emergency Hotline

    Routine Maintenance and failure analysis

    Use and Maintenance

    The Maintenance and Maintenance cycle of the reducer is mainly based on the following working conditions: Working Hours: 8 hours a day; Working System: contact work; input speed: 1500 RPM; maximum oil temperature: 85 °C (worm gear 90 °C) . If working conditions change, the cycle should be adjusted accordingly. After 500 working hours, the reducer should be first oil change, at least once a year, the reducer thoroughly check, according to the motor operation manual motor Maintenance.

    Grease Lubrication

    The Grease lubricated part of the reducer produced by our company, except for double sealed bearings, adopts the straight-through pressing oil-filling Cup structure. When lubricating this part, the grease gun is used to inject the lubricating point into the oil cup. Note: When Changing Grease, do not mix grease of different soap base.

    Oil Seal replacement

    Remove the oil seal from the reducer using a tool. Look Out! In the process of removing the oil seal, tools can not be inserted into the bias or too deep, so as to avoid damage to the shaft diameter, bearing and box. Grease the oil seal on the box or Flange, and evenly coat the inner and outer edges of the oil seal. The oil is sealed into the box body by means of an assembly fixture.

    High bearing position temperature

    Reason: The oil level of the reducer is too low; the lubricating oil is used too long; the bearing is damaged. Corrective measures: check the oil level; check the quality of Lubricating Oil; please contact our company, if necessary, please replace the bearings.

    Operating temperature too high

    REASONS: Too High Oil level of the reducer; too long use of lubricating oil; too many magazines in lubricating oil; too much dust on the surface of the motor fan cover or reducer; the back stop rotating failure or stuck. Corrective measures: check the oil level; check the quality of Lubricating Oil; Oil Change; clean the dust on the motor fan cover or reducer; please contact our company, if necessary, please replace the backstop.

    Oil Spill A. B. From the end cover of the box. C. From the reducer Flange. D. From the oil seal of the output shaft. From the motor oil seal. Somewhere else

    Reasons: The reducer is not ventilated; for a, B, box and end cover or joint seal is not correct or screw hole leakage; for C, D, Oil seal damage; other reasons caused by oil leakage. Corrective measures: replace the Ventilation Cup; tighten the sealing tape on the bolt again, if it is still leaking oil, please contact us; check the oil seal, if necessary to replace the new oil seal; please contact us.

    Leaking oil from the vent plug

    Reason: The reducer oil level is too high; frequent cold start. Corrective action: check oil level.

    The input part works and the output part does not

    Reasons: flat key damage, hole with or shaft with the block ring off; gear and other transmission parts damage. Corrective Action: Please contact our company.


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